Please, use PC or VR Head Set! For smartphone: open in Google Chrome.

Use WASD to move and click and drag the mouse to look around.

NOTSpace is a virtual exhibition space curated by Matteo Casali. Made with Mozilla Hub, it aims to promote art forms that look to the future and pictorial research on the theme of contact between real and virtual. If virtual vernissages are useful for interacting with other visitors, who will then be able to see the works in more detail even in the catalogs, space becomes essential for exhibiting digital works that would have no other way, for now, to be exhibited.
NOTSpace proposes itself as a new way to visit virtual exhibitions: it will be possible for the visitor to move around the space, click on the works to open external links and, with a virtual reality viewer, it will be possible to physically enter the exhibition hall.

01 / Contact | 30 August/30 September 2021 – Catalog and photos: LINK
02 / WAY | 15 Genuary/15 February 2022 – Catalog and photos: LINK