WAY – NOTSpace 2022

The “WAY” exhibition inaugurates the second edition of the NOTSpace virtual exhibition space, giving it for the second time the purpose of disseminating the art of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

ARTSLIFE Article: https://artslife.com/2022/01/20/mostra-arte-laura-isola-mila-sambre-matteo-casali-e-emanuele-pagnanini/

The theme of the exhibition, which gives the title, is to be understood as a path, path, journey, possibility. Four young artists deal with this theme according to their research: Laura Isola with her fragmented paths, Mila Sambre with the representations of deviated memories, Emanuele Pagnanini with the possibilities given by chance and Matteo Casali with new possibilities to create and exhibit a pictorial work .

Curated by Matteo Casali, it is possible to visit it from January 15th to February 15th of 2022.