Supernova Atelier

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I don’t have a permanent atelier, but I have many in different places. For this I use technology to have fixed points of reference: the virtual atelier.
The virtual atelier is a second atelier where I do set up tests and meet people.

Supernova Atelier is a virtual Atelier on Mozilla Hub, in which I work and put inside some news about my projects, photo, video ecc. People can come in, select their avatar and chat and talk with me or with other people in the atelier.

It is preferable to visit the atelier from a PC, but it is also possible to do it from a smartphone and from the VR Head Set.

Selfie in Supernova atelier, with Eleonora Savorelli and Sara Pacucci
Supernova Atelier v.1.3
People can pin their pics and objects v.1.2
Read my books at the Guest Room v.1.2
Click on the painting to visit my website (Old version) v.1.1
At work! (Old version) v.1.0

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