The white sky of the fields of Thiene / The face of Dafne

Il bianco cielo dei campi di Thiene / Il volto di Dafne is a research that encompasses and summarizes a long study that began in 2017 and lasted throughout 2018 and early 2019 which marked the transition from the study of the landscape to that of the human figure. In particular, on the synthesis of the elements, on light and strong chiaroscuro. The myth of Daphne was taken as a starting point to transform the living copy of a plant into a portrait: the plants became subjects of drawings, paintings and photos and gradually became characterized as if they were human beings.

This research was resumed in 2021, focusing attention on the shadows cast that tell the irregularity of the terrain and the time of day. Furthermore, the shadows are cast from the point of view of the sun, revealing the intertwining of tree branches other than those noticed from our point of view.

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