Synthetic reality

My research, entitled “synthetic reality“, is based on the study of the human body within a non-place (defined by Marc Augè as capable of erasing the identity of a person who can therefore recognize himself only in the anonymity of symbols) , imagined as a very synthetic, almost virtual space in which the figures are confined. I imagine these subjects not as faithful portraits but as avatars that stand out from concrete reality and meet to bring out their own and new identity. The period of quarantine and loneliness due to Covid-19 and the new virtual realities in which we are projected are the basis of the idea of ​​my studio.

My studio is formalized mainly through painting, but also through photography, video and drawing and very often the boundary between these different ways of working disappears. They are just different ways to create images.
My pictorial research basically consists in seeking the synthesis of signs, building the image with few signs and few backgrounds and spots. As in the charcoal drawing, the painting must capture the immediacy of the moment.

My old research is titled “White Period“, in which through paintings, photos and drawings I depicted people seen from behind or with their faces hidden, inserted in a white and anonymous space; and “The white sky of the fields of Thiene“, in which I sought synthesis in the landscape and portrayed trees and plants as if they were people, drawing inspiration in this sense from the myth of daphne.

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Il bianco cielo dei campi di Thiene / “The white sky of the fields of Thiene
Nel non-luogo, olio su tela 120x100cm, 2020
Periodo bianco / White period

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