List of collections of paintings.

Collection 11 . WITNESSES OF NOTHING / 2022
Large paintings, with complex scenes and compositions of figures.

Collection 12 . ETERNAL MOMENT CALL / 2022
Large paintings, with large faces during video calling.

Collection 09 . AFTER NOTHING / 2021 – 2022
Paintings on canvas in which I portray the vibrant reality in which we return to live.

Collection 08 . EMPTY LANDSCAPES / 2022
Real and digital paintings taken from my landscape studies during the Christmas holidays in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Landscapes emptied of human presence.

Collection 07 . NEW IDENTITIES / 2021
Paintings on canvas or canvassed paper taken from photographs. Painting gives a new reality to the identities of the subjects depicted.

Collection 06 . VERMILION PERIOD / 2020 – 2021
The figures trapped in waiting in a non-place. Where is the room? How long have they been there? The synthesis of the signs is the basis of my research.

Collection 05 . BLACK PERIOD / 2019 – 2020
Isolation due to the pandemic had changed children’s play and fun into an endless nightmare, in the age where a year lasts a decade and every relationship is essential. We therefore see children in a circle, which no longer has anything joyful; we see them playing tug of war, which recalls the noose pull; we see a little girl who abandons her doll and whose face and identity as an infant are erased. An obscure point of view, which denounces the future problems of a generation that has seen the most important years for healthy and balanced growth canceled.

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Collection 04 . WHITE PERIOD / 2020
The period of imprisonment due to COVID-19 led me to search for the feeling of loss of self-awareness. The figures immersed in a synthetic and anonymous space, turn their backs on the observer. Ispired by the book “I non luoghi” by Marc Augé.

Collection 00 . Moments / 2021
Not having the availability of a large number of canvases, I paint some images digitally. For this type of images I keep the research on intimacy, on our most sincere identity.