My digital research is a bridge between reality and the virtual world. Sometimes it is reality that ends up in the virtual world, as in the case of the Supernova Atelier, sometimes it is the virtual that enters reality, as in the case of BeP – a puppet around Venice.

I like to imagine that my paintings take on a new life in the digital world, looking at it with curiosity and amazement. In this way they acquire a new identity, like avatars that become more real than the physical body.

BeP – a teddy bear around Venice (AR) CLICK ON THE IMAGE
Real atelier | Virtual atelier | Mixed/Augmented reality atelier
I don’t have a permanent atelier, but I have many in different places. For this I use technology to have fixed points of reference: the virtual atelier and the augmented reality atelier.
The virtual atelier is a second atelier where I do set up tests and meet people.
The AR atelier is an extension of the studio I am in that helps me, while painting, to see paintings and other files that I don’t have physically available.
Supernova Atelier, a Virtual Atelier on Mozilla Hub CLICK ON THE IMAGE
40 Frame
3D face reconstruction – Large Pose 3D Face Reconstruciont from a Single Image via Direct Volumetric CNN Regression – University of Nottingham.

Face Filter [Instagram]- Orizzonte tra quattro mura ON MY INSTAGRAM, CLICK ON THE IMAGE
Riapre il sipario in un nuovo mondo (video series where paintings come to life)

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