Matteo Casali (Italy, 1994) is an artist in the field of visual arts, working with paintings and signs, but experimenting with photography and video. In his pictorial works, Casali seeks the synthesis of the mark-stain and the rapidity of execution to capture the immediacy and poetry of the moment, be it of a landscape or a portrait. The research on the loss of identity that a place or a body undergoes and the renewed truth that they find in a new balance, be it pictorial or digital, is the basis of Casali’s studio.
Fascinated by new technologies, he studies new methods to collaborate, work and exhibit at a distance. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, studying with prof. Luca Reffo in Atelier 12, he has been collaborating since 2020 with Magazzeno Art Gallery in Ravenna and with FMB Art Gallery in Rome; from 2021 with GArt Gallery of Pescara and RVB Arts of Rome. Furthermore, since 2021 he is the curator of NOTSpace, a virtual exhibition hall.
He currently works and studies in Venice, Italy.

2022 – Atelier 12, Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Art Night (VE)
2022 – SEDIMENTA (15/01) Spazio Piera, Trento
2021/22 – START Padova (30/11/21 – 31/05/22) Studio Eulex (PD)
2021 – Erotico Contemporaneo (05/11-21/11) Palazzo Sarcinelli (TV)
2021 – Arshow (18/10) AR Show LINK
2021 – Il nostro INFERNO (2-3/10) chiesetta vecchia di Biadene (TV)
2021 – WHISPERED MOMENTS, virtual show, rvb arts (RO) LINK
2021 – Rea! Art Fair 2021 (MI) Fabbrica del Vapore LINK
2021 – NEL NON LUOGO (8-9/05) Conegliano (TV)
2021 – Dante 2021 (9/07-18/07), Piazza Cima, Conegliano (TV)
2021 – Pride by your side (1/06-30/06), exhibition space of Freeda – Rome (RM)
2021 – Pride by your side (30/04-15/05), Afnakafna Art Gallery – Rome (RM) LINK
2021 – Pride by your side (30/04-31/07), FMB Art Gallery – Virtual Exhibition LINK
2021 – Not so ordinary objects (25/01-28/02), FMB Art Gallery  LINK
2020 – MAG with Matteo Sbaragli e Andrea Ravo Mattoni (1/11), Ravenna (RA)
2020 – INTArt Poetry (11/10) – Cantina Frassinelli, Marano di Piave (VI)
2020 – Stop!- the happening on boat (26/09) – Lido, Riva di Corinto (VE)
2020 – Equidistanze (5/09) – Magazzeno Art Gallery, Filetto (RA)
2020 – Stop!”, Default project (20/04),  LINK
2019 – Affinità Generazionali (9-24/11) – Villa Onigo, Trevignano (TV)
2018 – Senza, il tutto è niente, Locale Orange, Venezia (VE)
2018 – START 2018 (26/05), Thiene (VI)
2017 – Art Shopping -Cannes Mandelieu (France) 

2022 – EVS.abav (18/06-27/06), NOTSpace virtual space (MozillaHubs) LINK
2022 – WAY (15/01-15/02), NOTSpace virtual space (MozillaHubs) LINK
2021 – Contact (30/08-30/09), NOTSpace virtual space (MozillaHubs) LINK

2022 – Fearchstudio, Thiene (VI): workshop to design a group exhibition, with Galleria 37 (02/04)
2019  – Forte Marghera (VE): Open Workshop, painting workshop curated by Luca Reffo, Pavilion 35, Forte Marghera, Venice
2018 –  Forte Marghera (VE): Open Workshop, painting workshop curated by Carlo Di Raco and Martino Scavezzon, Pavilion 35, Forte Marghera, Venice
2016 – Thiene (VI): Teacher at: “Drawing course – living model copy”, through the municipal notice “VALORI-LAVORI”
2015 – Schio (VI): Painting workshop at Liceo Sociale A.Martini – Student Assembly

2021 – Ca’Maseda presso il maestro Antonio Casali – Altivole (TV) LINK
2020 – Equidistanze Magazzeno Art Gallery – Filetto (RA) LINK

2021 – Premio Start Padova – 3°Edizione: Winner of the “Premio Copetina”
2021 – Premio Mestre: Winner of the merit award, Mestre Painting Award.
2021 – Premio Dante Alighieri di Poesia:  Winner of the Dante Alighieri di Poesia Prize for poetry, a competition organized by the Academy of Bronzes of Catanzaro and Vincenzo Ursini.
2021 – Premio Alfiere: Winner of the Alfiere Prize for art and poetry, a competition organized by the Academy of Bronzes of Catanzaro and Vincenzo Ursini.
2020 – Premio Alfiere: Winner of the Alfiere Prize for art and poetry, a competition organized by the Academy of Bronzes of Catanzaro and Vincenzo Ursini.
2020 – Premio Mestre: Winner of the merit award, Mestre Painting Award.
2020 – Premio Alda Merini: Winner of the diamond medallion for being selected and reported for the IX edition of the Alda Merini Award, a competition organized by the Academy of Bronzes of Catanzaro and Vincenzo Ursini.
2018 – Premio Luoghi di Parole: Prize Winner of the Poetry Contest “Places of Words”, vol.8, Aletti Editore.
2010  – Premio “Auschwitz – giornata della memoria“: Winner of 1st Prize at the 12th International painting competition “Men for men have prepared this destiny” for the project: “Auschwitz – day of remembrance” Organized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research

CATALOG: Art Shopping -Cannes Mandelieu 12/ 2017
CATALOG: Città di Marostica 2018 “ARTE TRA LE MURA” – Collettiva di Pittura LINK
CATALOG: Start 2018 Pittura-arte digitale-video arte – Collettiva premio nazionale di arte contemporanea, 05/2018
CATALOG: 14° concorso di pittura Zugliano (VI) 10/ 2018
CATALOG: Equidistanze 2020, Magazzeno Art Gallery (catalog exclusively online), 10/ 2020 LINK
CATALOG: NEL NON LUOGO (catalog exclusively online), 05/ 2021 LINK
CATALOG: Rea! Art Fair, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano – 2021
CATALOG: 01 Contact (catalog exclusively online), 09/ 2021 LINK
CATALOG: Erotico contemporaneo, INTArt, 11/ 2021
CATALOG: START Studi per l’Arte 2022 LINK
CATALOG: WAY_NOTSpace 2022 (catalog exclusively online), 01/ 2022 LINK

VOLUME: “1 Dollar Egg”, 15/03/2022 LINK
VOLUME: “Il canto dell’Inferno”, 02/22 LINK
VOLUME: “Dante Alighieri”, Accademia dei Bronzi 05/ 2021
VOLUME: “Pagine di arte e poesia”, Accademia dei Bronzi 05/2020
VOLUME: Publication of a poem in the volume “Luoghi di Parole vol. 8” -La casa dei poeti- Aletti Editore 11/2018
VOLUME: “Antonio Casali – Un’eredità pittorica del ‘900”, published as a Thesis – Three-year Academic Diploma LINK
VOLUME: “Un litro di latte – Racconti brevi sulla guerra”, 01/2021 LINK
VOLUME: Illustrazione pubblicata nel romanzo di Patrizia Pietribiasi “Le passioni si nutrono di segreti”, 05/2021 LINK

Interview: ARTSTED, 29/03/2022 LINK
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Affinità Generazionali | Villa Onigo Trevignano (TV)
PRIDE BY YOU SIDE | AfnaKafna gallery (RM)
NEL NON LUOGO | Conegliano (TV)
Galleria 37 | Villa Fabris Thiene (VI)
IL NOSTRO INFERNO | Chiesa vecchia di Biadene (TV)
Collectives with INTArt Cultural Association (TV)
Opera Ottava Collettiva | Castello inferirore Marostica (VI)
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