“There are many ways of doing art.
Mainly, I define myself as a painter.
However, there is a longer story to tell: the last years characterized by the Covid-19 pandemic have not only influenced my painting, but all my artistic research: it was necessary to find new methods of exhibiting the works in a moment. where it was impossible to do. With my colleagues, we solved it by taking advantage of new virtual reality technologies. This deepening of my studies allows me to create videoart works and digital sculptures in 3D, and to curate a virtual exhibition space”.

Shooting at Crescente Interni | Mestre (VE) Via Carducci 67

La pittura è una poesia, è come una pagina di un libro: mai chiara ma sempre onesta, semplice ma mai banale, introversa ma mai timida, innamorata ma mai di se stessa.”

– Caramello